We Are webClinic Pro

Our mission is to clean and secure websites, especially for those who cannot afford expensive IT staff or on-site web security professionals. There is no reason small business websites and online stores should suffer vulnerabilities and compromises from hacker stealing their data and installing malicious scripts. Every website deserves property security and many site owners only find out when its already too late. Our goal is to clean as many infected website as we can, protect them with an appropriate amount of security, and monitor them to be aware of future hacking attempts. No website is too small or not important enough for security from webClinic Pro.

Security Facts

Websites are hacked everyday for a variety of reasons. Here are some facts in the current industry.


The average percentage of WordPress websites currently vulnerable


The average number of days that lapse between website attack and when it is finally detected


The percentage of all websites tested by WhiteHat Sentinel had at least one serious vulnerability


The average percentage of WordPress owners who do not know they were already hacked


Frequently Asked Questions about Security

  I have a domain and web host, don't I already have security?

Not necessarily. Most web hosts only offer a storage space for your website. Security is almost always an additional service that includes (but is not limited to) SSL certificates and firewalls.

  If my site is hacked, I only need to clean it up once and its fine, correct?

No, one-time cleanup is only a short-term solution. If your site is compromised you should ask yourself why it got hacked in the first place. If you simply clean up the site you are not addressing its vulnerability and it is possible to get hacked all over again. Continuous protection and service is the best way to secure your site and keep it that way.

  Isn't a SSL certificate the only thing I need to secure my site?

It is a good start but it is certainly not the only security you need. An SSL certification can encrypt the data coming to and from your site but if a hacker finds their way around it there is no only defense. Good website security comes in layers and includes more than just SSL certificates. Such protection and server-side firewalls, monitoring, and backups ensure you have multiple layers to protect your site and data.

  I don't have any data of importance on my site so why should I care about security?

There are more threats than just stolen data when a site is compromised. Regardless of your site's content, hackers can insert malicious scripts to infect your visitors or direct your traffic away. They can turn your website server into a spam email server and most of all they can ruin your website's reputation with search engines and credible sources. No website attack is a harmless one.