For those sites who require it, or face frequent malicious attacks, webClinic Pro offers hands-on, professional Treatment services to clean up even the most infected websites and closely monitor them for further infection. No amount of preventative measures are guaranteed, and so the need to treat those attacks that get through becomes necessary. Our professionals will analyze, clean up, and restore your website to its original, intended working order along with additional monitoring services to keep it in constant working order.

Our Treatment Services Include:

Infection Treatment & Clean-Upwebsite backup
Treating and cleaning a website after it has been infected can be costly and time-consuming, sometimes taking almost as much time and money as it took to create the site in the first place. With the webClinic Pro Treatment service, you pay one low monthly cost no matter how much time it takes to clean an infection or how much treatment your site needs. Gain the peace of mind knowing you are protected, and if you are attacked a professional will be there to treat the issue immediately.

Malware Monitoringwebsite security report
Surface scans and preliminary looks at a website can determine basic attacks and vulnerabilities, but serious malware infections on a website can be difficult to detect. webClinic Pro Treatment services include frequent malware scanning and monitoring to find those meticulously embedded scripts that aim to do you site harm and eliminate them. This is often performed manually by a professional to ensure the full extent of the infection is removed. When it comes to malware, there is no such thing as a small fix. With Treatment services we ensure the fix is done correctly and thoroughly.

Professional Consultingwebsite backup
When infections and hacked websites are at their worst, a professional is just a phone call or support ticket away. Our friendly staff understand what it means to have your valuable website investment compromised and we want to make sure you get the help you need. With qualified personnel at the ready, you can be sure your questions will be answered and your peace of mind restored.

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