All webClinic Pro services start with Prevention. The simple reason - All websites should be protected before any attack can take place. Like wearing protective gear to prevent an injury, website protection covers a mass majority of basic hacking attempts and malware injections.

Our Prevention Services Include:

Encryptionssl certificate
Starting with securing your website tracking coming to and from your website is essential today. Finding the right SSL Certificate for your site be tricky, but at webClinic Pro we provide exactly what you need without unnecessary costs and unreliable protection provided by many common security services.

Advanced Filteringhacker protection
Web application filtering allows our services to pinpoint and block common attacks against your website. By pairing with the Open Web Application Security Project (OWASP) webClinic Pro can find the most recently defined attacks against websites by looking at the traffic coming to your site and stopping them before they do any harm.

DNS Managementwebsite hacked
To provide our advanced encryption services, webClinic Pro manages our client's DNS records and keeps them up-to-date and secure. More often than none, DNS records are poorly kept and set incorrectly, causing performance and security issues. We make sure your DNS is set correctly and stays that way.

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