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Our quality services start and end with a professional security consulting reviewing your site and letting you know your options. Here is a rundown of the services we provide.


PreventionWebsite Hacked

The first line of defense is preventing your website from initial attacks. More often than you think, site owners clean their websites but overlook the reason they were hacked in the first place. With proper prevention services on your site and your web services, attacks rarely occur in the first place. The best defense is stopping the attackers at your door, and preventing most blanketed attacks on sites similar to yours. Let webClinic Pro advise you on the proper security for your site.

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CareWebsite Hacked

Daily backups and monthly monitoring create a strong and informative safety net for your website. Like medical care, our goal is not just protect your website and treat the result of any malicious attacks, but to keep your website safe and secure along the way, preventing costly updates and clean-up. We believe your website needs a watchful eye to make sure whatever hits your site does not go unnoticed.

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Premium CareWebsite Hacked

Whether you use WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, or just HTML your site and files are brought up to the most current standards. Without the most up to date software, security vulnerabilities can be found and exploited. New updates can occur frequenlty and and suddenly. The faster you are made aware of them and apply the changes, the less likely your website will be attacked. With webClinic Pro we are made aware of all critical updates immediately and apply them to all applicable accounts.

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TreatmentWebsite Hacked

Each and every piece of malicious and unwanted code is removed from the site, leaving only what is meant to be there. Compromised websites can have malicious code hidden and replicated in places many automated services cannot find. In some cases, superficial website cleaning can leave behind harmfull code allowing hackers to attack again later. At webClinic Pro, website security professionals manage your website personally to find all unwanted code and software as often as needed.

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